All students must report to school as follows:
Class 1 to Class 5 : 7:30 am
Class 6, Class 7 & Class 8 7:00 am

Any student who comes late should be accompanied by a parent.

Students who fail to attend school for two weeks without any prior notification to the school shall be struck off the class list.

All homework given MUST be completed and submitted in time.

All homework should be written on the school diary.

Diaries MUST be signed by the parent after completion of homework. The parent can comment or put in an observation in the diary.

School textbooks will be issued to students, and the students must ensure that they are well maintained.

All students must have all the necessary – exercise books, pens, pencils, rubbers and geometry sets.

Students from class 4-8 must use fountain pens.

  • All students are expected to be in correct school uniform. Any pupil with a torn or incorrect school uniform will not be allowed in school.

  • School shoes should be black with white socks. Games shoes should be normal trainers, not fancy sport shoes or high tops.

  • Bangles, rings, chains, will not be worn to school. Girls are allowed to wear simple earrings.

  • Bangles, rings, chains, will not be worn to school. Girls are allowed to wear simple earrings.

  • BHair should be well kept.

    Boys: Hair should always be cut short. Fancy hairstyles and haircuts are not allowed.

    Girls: Hair should be neatly plaited or properly combed the hair accessories should either be black or blue. The recommended hair style is Kilimanjaro or banana style (neat plaited hair running backwards). Braids are not allowed in school.

  • All students are expected to keep nails short. Polished nails shall not be allowed in school.

  • Walls, doors, chart ceilings should not be written upon or defaced in any way.

There will be no violence whatsoever in the school, this means no hitting, kicking, pushing or any way in way deliberately trying to harm other students.

Other student’s belongings must Not be taken without their permission.

No one may leave the school ground at any time without permission of a teacher.

Chewing gum is NOT ALLOWED in the school. Food bought to school at break time must be eaten while the student is seated and wrappers placed in a bin afterwards.

BAD LANGUAGE (swearing) must NEVER be used in the school. Any student found guilty of abuse will be expelled from the school.

All students are expected to display good manners and be courteous to teachers, visitors to the school and other students at all times.

There should be no running around in the school building or in the school corridors. Students MUST walk in single file on the left hand sides of the stairs and corridors, to avoid congestion.

All students are expected to speak in English on all school days, except Wednesdays when they may speak Kiswahili.

Noise making in class is NOT allowed.

Stealing, carrying, dangerous weapons, cheating in exams, fighting and using abusive language are strictly punishable by suspension.

The school building including the furniture, walls, ceilings and doors must not be written upon or defaced in any way.

School property, e.g. textbooks, furniture, clocks, louvers, computers utensils, apparatus, machines should be respected and taken care of.

All pupils must participate in the school activities/events e.g. swimming, games and P.E.

All parents should read the school Rules and Regulations, and sign or fill in the declaration form upon admission.

Fees are payable on or before the school opening day and are not refundable unless a terms notice of withdrawal is given.

The management reserves the right to revise the fees as when it is deemed necessary.

Money paid for any school activity must be paid to the office in good time.

Request for any activity money: Information to parents on school trips etc., must be accompanied by official communication from the school and at no time should students be given money over verbal requests.

All parents are required to book an appointment before visiting the class teacher or subject teacher.

All parents should attend school functions, meetings, open days, briefings, report picking e.t.c when requested. In case of inability to attend, the class teacher should be notified.

Parents/guardians should call the teachers in case of any inquiry. Since teachers are not allowed to receive calls during lesson hours, parents/guardians may wish to call at the times listed below or leave a message in the office on Tel: 0700509595.

The appropriate timings as follows:-

7:00am – 8:00 (before lesson begin)

10:20-10:45am (break time)

12:30 – 1:40pm (lunch time)

4:00-5:20pm (after class)

The school will do its best to keep the students safe and create a safe environment for their comfort. However, neither the managers nor the teachers nor the other employees/agents shall be responsible for any accident/mishap/injury when on/or outside the school premises including the period when they are engaged in sporting activities and swimming or on our visits/picnics/expeditions/excursions etc. within Mombasa and/or when they are in the course of making use of or awaiting the school buses other means of transport at school, or other premises during normal hours and outside school hours.

The school has organized for emergency services to be provided by AAR at a minimum cost to the parents/guardians. All are expected to subscribe to this service.

Should pupils unfortunately meet with an accident or mishap and be injured at any time, parents/guardians hereby authorize the managers and/or the teachers and/or other employees/agents to give them (or arrange to be given to them) such medical/surgical treatment in their opinion deemed to be necessary in the circumstances, and hereby absolve them from all consequences arising thereof. Parents/guardians further undertake to be responsible for all expenses so incurred.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we realize that we do experience in the drop off and pick up times of our students. The following is therefore recommended.

Estates: Students living in gates e.g. Vescon, Share links, KRA, etc, will be picked from the main gate. The school van shall NOT pick or drop students door to door.

Individual Residence: Students will be expected to be standing at the gate when the van arrives. If not the driver will hoot once, allow for reasonable time and drive on. Drivers will not return to pick the students.

Condition of the Road: If the road leading to your residence is in poor condition or impassable, arrangements should be made to bring the student to an acceptable pick up point.

Maids: Please advise your maid to be at the pick-up on time. Children will not be handed over to any other person. If there is a change in the person picking your child, please call the office or the driver and notify them of the change.

The driver will drop the student on the side of the road on which they live. No student will be allowed to cross the road after they are dropped off. Parents please report to the office any driver who drops the student on the wrong side of the road.

If for any reason the family moves residence, in the course of the term, to a place the school does not offer transport, the transport of the student will cease. The school will not refund the money.

During the school may organize educational trips for the students. Trips organized within Mombasa will be free of charge. Parents/guardians will only pay the entry fees, e.g. Ngomongo or Nature trail.

Parents/guardians will be expected to pay some money if trips are organized out of Mombasa County. However, an official notification letter will be sent in good time.

Monies for such trip money will be paid to the accountant in the school office.

Parents Must sign a CONSENT FORM allowing a student to go on a trip.