Yes, we are back in school. That also means, homework resumes. It’s funny how our children sometimes frown or make funny faces when the teacher announces that they will be taking home some assignments. That coupled with remarks from some parents about homework being too involving.

Let’s look at it a little differently. After a full day in school, you want to know that your child learnt something. Nothing helps you better achieve that than homework. Simply put, homework is assignment given to reinforce learning. Think of it as your way of checking that your son or daughter understood what was taught in class. With that understood, let’s look at some simple ways of managing homework as outlined in our 2020 School Handbook:

For the Child:

  1. Make sure you understand the task – if not, ask for help.
  2. Record all the homework carefully in your organizer.
  3. Know when your homework should be handed in.
  4. Set aside a homework space (a well-lit space with a desk and chair – and away from noise).
  5. Set aside adequate time to do your homework.
  6. Do the homework.

homework is assignment given to reinforce learning

For the Parent:

  1. Check that your child has done all the assignments they ought to do.
  2. Gently probe them to make sure they have understood the assignments.
  3. Go a step further and explore other areas in the topic(s) covered.

When your child knows that you are serious about their studies, they will put in the effort required and will ultimately produce good results.


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