Student Life

The student life at Busy Bee is vibrant and fun.

Spiritual Foundation

Busy Bee is a Christian school and we cherish the Spiritual growth of our Learners. We have a robust Program of Pastoral Instruction (PPI). We have a school anthem and school prayer that holds us together and reminds us where our true strength, wisdom and success lies – in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Life Skills Program

Outside the provisions of CBC, we have gone an extra step to create a Life Skills Program for the entire school. We address a wide range of topics including but not limited to Personalities, Assertiveness, Decision Making, Mental Stability, Confidence, Friendships, Conflict Resolution, appropriately for the different age groups we serve. Our desire is to bring out learners who are strong academically and able to reign in life, regardless of the external environment.

Student Leadership

Learners are provided with Leadership opportunities. They can choose to lead in the Students Council which mimics the Kenyan government structure. Learners may vie for positions such as School President, Vice President, Class Governors and Permanent Secretaries.


We have 15 clubs that learners can join. These are:

  1. French club
  2. Cooking club
  3. Debating club
  4. Board Games, Scrabble and Chess
  5. Math Club
  6. Reading Club
  7. Skating club
  8. Journalism club
  9. Taekwondo / Karate
  10. Drama & Music club
  11. Wildlife club
  12. Scouts & Girl Guides
  13. Ballet Dancing
  14. Zumba Dance
  15. Young Christian Club

Sports, Swimming and Athletics

Learners can also take part in athletics and sporting activities. PE lessons are held in the outdoor spaces where learners get to take in fresh air as they exercise, get fit and grow in discipline.

Swimming lessons are taught as part of our curriculum. All learners have swimming classes with our swimming instructor at no extra charge to the parent.

Students Motivation

We enjoy rewarding learners who excel academically and in co-curricular activities. Learners who need development are given the necessary attention by their teachers at no extra cost to the parent.


Reasonable assignments are given to learners to reinforce learning. Most assignments are given in terms of Research, Projects and Practicals. Through this, learners are able to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the subjects.

Parental Engagement

We value our parents and the key role they play in the success, growth and development of our learners. We encourage our parents to get involved in the following ways:

  1. Maintaining open lines of communication with the individual class teachers.
  2. Walking in agreement with the class and subject teachers for the good of the learners.
  3. Attending the Academic Days (whether Virtual or Physical)
  4. Taking part in and bonding with the learners, staff and teachers during our Cultural Day, Swimming Gala and Athletics Competition.

Important Dates

  • 13 Weeks
  • All Schools
Term 2 2024 Opening Day

Related Information

Busy Bee delivers on the Kenyan National Curriculum. This is the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) which focuses on equipping the learner with skills that will enable them to become problem solvers and all rounded individuals.

Busy Bee delivers on CBC through a Learner Centered Approach. We place emphasis on Research, Practicals and Projects especially for Math and Sciences.

We integrate IT in our lesson delivery. We also have computer classes for learners in PP2 to STD. 8.

We have a very strong Reading Culture within the Busy Bee Community. Learners are provided with Story Books in both English and Kiswahili languages, which they are encouraged to read and explore. Library time is part of the school timetable. During this session, learners read their books and discuss with the teachers any areas of concern.

We also teach French and Music as compulsory subjects.


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