Teaching at Busy Bee Tudor is learner centered. We help our children engage with the content they are learning through class discussions, research and practical work. We follow the CBC curriculum – Kenya’s national curriculum. We also have a strong reading culture. Our learners are encouraged to read extensively, both in English and Kiswahili. We have a rich library with books from different parts of the world. Children can borrow books and return them when they have finished reading. Those who read the most books are rewarded.


Busy Bee Tudor is a technology driven institution. We offer computer classes for all our learners. We have dedicated teachers with sound knowledge and experience in IT. We also have a talented team in the IT department. It is common place to find teachers in our classrooms using the laptops and projectors to deliver their lessons. Our learners enjoy these classes and gain a deeper understanding of the content they are learning. We have also gone a step further and moved our academic meetings online. Every class teacher holds online academic briefs at scheduled times with parents.


Busy Bee is a school founded on Christian principles. We are well aware that true success can only come from a heart submitted to God. We have PPI sessions every week where we pray with the children and share from the Bible. Our teachers are committed to their individual walk with Christ.  Muslim learners also meet with our Muslim teachers for prayer and teaching during the PPI sessions.


We have a robust Guidance and Counselling program at Tudor School. Our learners have group and individual counselling sessions with our trained counsellors. This program has helped many of our children become confident, assertive and disciplined. They have learnt how to handle and solve problems whilst remaining committed to their studies.


Kindergarten children at Tudor are provided with a snack at Break time. All other learners are required to carry a healthy snack for their break period. Lunch is provided by an outside caterer to learners in grade 3 – Std. 8, at an extra charge of Kshs. 6500 (grade 3 – 5) & Kshs. 7000 (Std. 6 -8) per term, paid directly to the caterer.


School Transport is available but on a first come first served basis. All the information and transport arrangements are made with the Administrators prior to school opening. All learners who are on school transport are required to adhere to laid down rules e.g.

  1. No eating or snacking on the bus.
  2. Everyone should be seated with their seat belts buckled.
  3. No playing or making noise on the bus.

Parents whose children are on school transport should ensure that there is always someone at the drop-off station to receive the child. No learner will be dropped off without an authorized person to receive them.

Parents who drop off and pick up their children should do so in a timely and effective manner, ensuring that they do not cause unnecessary traffic.


Tudor, Opposite Technical University of Mombasa


Kindergarten, Grade 1 – Std. 8

School Hours

Kindergarten:    8.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Grade 1 – 2:      7.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Grade 3 – 5:     7.30 a.m. – 4.00 p. m.

Grade 6,7 & 8: 7.00 a.m. – 5.20 p.m.

Important Dates


Related Information

Busy Bee delivers on the Kenyan National Curriculum. This is the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and 8-4-4.

Busy Bee delivers on CBC through a Learner Centered Approach. We place emphasis on Research, Practicals and Projects especially for Math and Sciences.

We integrate IT in our lesson delivery. We also have computer classes for learners in PP2 to STD. 8.

We have a very strong Reading Culture within the Busy Bee Community. Learners are provided with Story Books in both English and Kiswahili languages, which they are encouraged to read and explore. Library time is part of the school timetable. During this session, learners read their books and discuss with the teachers any areas of concern.

We also teach French and Music as compulsory subjects.



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